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 The Scout Association

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PostSubject: The Scout Association   Sun Dec 12, 2010 10:38 pm

The Scout Association is the World Organization of the Scout Movement recognised Scouting association in the United Kingdom. Scouting began in 1907 through the efforts of Robert Baden-Powell. Due to the rapid growth of Scouting and a desire to remove control from the publisher of the Scouting magazine,[clarification needed] The Scout Association was formed under its previous name, The Boy Scout Association, in 1910 by the grant of a charter by the Parliament of the United Kingdom. The Boy Scout Association was re-named as The Scout Association in 1967.
The stated aim of The Scout Association is to "promote the development of young people in achieving their full physical, intellectual, social and spiritual potential" and to create "responsible citizens".[2] As of 2007, The Scout Association provides a Programme to help achieve this aim for young people from the age of 6 to 25[3] The latest census shows that over 390,000 people aged 6–25 are members of The Scout Association.[1] Thanks to this work, The Scout Association is a member of The National Council for Voluntary Youth Services (NCVYS).[4]
Girls were first admitted in 1976 to the Venture Scouts, and the rest of Sections on an optional basis in 1991. Since 2007 all Scout Groups in the UK must accept girls as well as boys, although religious preferences can be accommodated.[5]
Scouting in the UK is open to all faiths and variations to the Scout Promise are allowed in order to accommodate those of different religious obligations or national allegiances.[6] The Scout Association does not permit an atheist version of the Promise, or a lack of any sort of faith or religion in the programme, and this has attracted criticism from the National Secular Society (NSS) and the British Humanist Association.[7]

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The Scout Association
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