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 Hispanic America

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PostSubject: Hispanic America   Thu Dec 02, 2010 1:59 am

Hispanic America or Spanish America (Spanish: Hispanoamérica) is the region comprising the American countries inhabited by Spanish-speaking populations.[1][2]
These countries have significant commonalities with each other and with Spain, whose colonies they formerly were. In all of these countries, Spanish is the main language, sometimes sharing official status with one or more indigenous languages (such as Guaraní, Quechua, Aymara, or Mayan), or English (in Puerto Rico).[3] Roman Catholicism is the predominant religion, as well.[4]
Hispanic America differs from Ibero-America in that the latter comprises Hispanic America and Brazil (formerly "Portuguese America"), and for some uses includes the Iberian Peninsula nations of Portugal and Spain. Hispanic America also contrasts with Latin America, which includes Hispanic America and Brazil and, depending on definition, also the former French colonies in the Western Hemisphere.[5]
The Spanish colonization of America was part of a larger historical process, later called colonialism, through which various European powers incorporated a considerable amount of territory and peoples in the Americas, Asia and Africa between the 15th and 20th centuries.

The Spanish domination of America began when the Spanish Crown conquered vast territories of the Americas, and the inhabitant peoples, extending the vast Spanish empire.

This was due to submit to various native cultures that were already established in 1492 when the Spanish explorers arrived on American soil. In the worst aspects of colonial dynamics, the Spanish Empire to stand against other European powers, depopulated Spain and consumed the wealth that the Spanish transport added to Gold and Silver brought to Europe from America,[12] where the metals had no commercial value. Moreover, some historians argue the case for mortality figures to as many as 90 million Native Americans, overwhelmingly from introduced diseases and forced labor. For these reasons organizations representing indigenous communities demand the recognition of a genocide.[citation needed] However, figures presented by different scholars vary enormously according to the methodologies used to calculate initial populations and the presumed effects of disease and colonization. This is the cause of hotly contested arguments amongst historians, archaeologists and interested political groups.

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Hispanic America
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