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 Patton Seamount

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PostSubject: Patton Seamount   Wed Dec 01, 2010 8:23 am

Patton Seamount was created by the Cobb hotspot, and it lies in the Cobb-Eickelberg Seamount chain. The Cobb chain is unusual in that it is not one individual volcanic chain, but a mosaic of many, created by several hotspots that now lie along the western coast of North America. Patton Seamount lies near the northwestern edge of the chain, in the Gulf of Alaska, and is 33 million years of age, among the oldest in the group. The part of the chain that Patton Seamount lies in is known variably as either the "Gulf of Alaska Seamounts" or the "Patton Seamounts." The Gulf seamounts are the best-known and most heavily studied features in the chain.[1]
Patton itself is over 10,000 ft (3,000 m) tall and 2 mi (3 km) wide at is base, and originally formed off the coast of Washington 33 million years ago. It has since been moved to its present Gulf location by the northwestern movement of the Pacific Plate.[3] Dives indicate that the structure of Patton Seamount is rough near the top, with many boulders, and consists of much broader, finer particulates near the ocean bottom.[4] Not much is known about Patton geologically, as expeditions have mostly focused on its biology.

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Patton Seamount
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