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 WTS/ WTT Oriharukon

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PostSubject: WTS/ WTT Oriharukon   Mon Dec 07, 2009 3:53 am

WTS or better WTT :

600+ Oriharukon(used for blunts: dynasty staff needs 178 Oriharukon)
600+ Synthetic Cokes,
300+ Mithril alloy,
500+ Varnish of Purity,
4000+ High Grade Suede
1000+ Crafted leather
And lots more....

I obtained these mats using the manor system and to be honest, don't need many of them. I DO NOT HAVE LUCK WHEN CRAFTING Smile.

I know dynasty sets require many mats, i will try to craft 3 Dyn light Armour sets(for me and 2 friends currently 78 that will join clan at lvl 80), but if i fail only 1 of them i will put all the mats in clan warehouse scratch

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WTS/ WTT Oriharukon
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