Dawn Bringers New upcoming clan on Lineage 2 Franz Servers. With its main focus based on having fun.
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PostSubject: New Member!   Tue Feb 14, 2012 7:10 am

1> How old are you? -- 24
2> Where do you live (Country/Timezone)? -- Latvia / GMT+2
3> What's your ingame name? -- Laaceens and Maukele
4> What class and level is your character? -- Laaceens[49/Gladiator] and Maukele[41/SH]
5> Is this your main character? -- Laaceens ( inactive, because of lost my 30day armor and weapon)***
6> What clans have you been in? -- No clans
7> Do you have alts in other clans? If so, who and which clans? -- No
8> Do you have ventrillo and a working headset? -- i have TS latest version and speaker
9> Do you use Bot Programs to help level your character? -- No
10> What hours do you normally play in? -- 2-3h in working days and 5h+ in weekend
11> Are you interested in sieges? PvP? Clan/Alliance Wars? -- yes. Very interested.
12> Anything else you want to add? No

*** - i was was offline for 2 months because of SWTOR release on 20.12.2011. ( sometimes i play SWTOR and sometimes L2. I know it's hard to get used to keyboard and movement difference. I play L2 because its official F2P game.
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