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 Taxonomy, phylogeny, and naming

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PostSubject: Taxonomy, phylogeny, and naming   Tue Dec 21, 2010 3:52 am

The species was first described scientifically by American mycologist Howard James Banker in 1913.[2] Italian Pier Andrea Saccardo placed the species in the genus Hydnum in 1925,[3] while Walter Henry Snell and Esther Amelia Dick placed it in Calodon in 1956;[4] Hydnum peckii (Banker) Sacc. and Calodon peckii Snell & E.A. Dick are synonyms of Hydnellum peckii.[1]

The fungus is classified in the stirps (species thought to be descendants of a common ancestor) Diabolum of the genus Hydnellum, a grouping of similar species with the following shared characteristics: flesh that is marked with concentric lines that form alternating pale and darker zones (zonate); an extremely peppery taste; a sweetish odor; spores that are ellipsoid, and not amyloid (that is, not absorbing iodine when stained with Melzer's reagent), acyanophilous (not staining with the reagent Cotton Blue), and covered with tubercules; the presence of clamp connections in the hyphae.[5] Molecular analysis based on the sequences of the internal transcribed spacer DNA of several Hydnellum species placed H. peckii as most closely related to H. ferrugineum and H. spongiosipes.[6]

The specific epithet honors mycologist Charles Horton Peck.[7] The fungus is known in the vernacular by several names, including "strawberries and cream", the "bleeding Hydnellum",[8] the "red-juice tooth", "Peck's hydnum",[9] the "bleeding tooth fungus",[10] and the "devil's tooth".[11]

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Taxonomy, phylogeny, and naming
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